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This book introduces you to The King of Spades Role-Playing Game world. It is full of fantasy, enchanting characters, exciting battles, and full of history from the perspective of The King of Spades universe. Book 1 (first published on in 2003) and Book 2 (published in 2005) are free to download and share!

Book I

The King of Spades: Dream or Reality by Salem Al-Tamimi
Chapters 1-6: PDF Version
Chapter 1: The First and Last Prophetess
Chapter 2: The Venerated Evil
Chapter 3: The Nether
Chapter 4: Lavender Waters
Chapter 5: History of Legends
Chapter 6: Hexagram

Meet Tetra. A fallen angel who was once the Angel of Time, but now, she walks the Earth incognito, while honing the power of the Tarot Cards to predict the future. Her prophecy is that the entire world will enter a new age, through a devastating war that will polarize every single being into one of four Alignments: Idealism, Karma, Anarchy, or Malevolence. The outcome of that war will determine the ultimate shape of the Universe.

Our universe, which is divided into four primary realms, is governed by the Tokens of Symbols, and commands its specific element, and all creatures therein. Heaven, is governed by the Spades tokens, and commands the element of Air; The Earth is governed by the Diamonds tokens, and commands the element of, well, Earth; Atlantis is governed by the Hearts tokens, and commands the element of Water; and Hell is governed by the Clubs tokens, and commands the element of fire.

Book II

The King of Spades: City of Liberty by Salem Al-Tamimi
Chapter 1: The Return of Aquarius
Chapter 2: Death by Shadow
Chapter 3: Council of the Great
Chapter 4: The Children of Joseph
Chapter 5: Tenebrae
Chapter 6: Homes of the Damned
Note: Posting or redistributing the book in any shape or form (including links) is prohibited without written permission from the author, if you wish to link the book to your site, e-mail: krome[at]thekingofspades[dot]com
Since the beginning of time the balance has been neutral; the four tokens have been eternally balanced between Darkness and Light; Day and Night; One and Zero; Yin and Yang; Dream and Reality; Red and Black. But now, as the dawn of time approaches, and thanks to the efforts of a furious Fallen Angel known as Neria, the balance has been broken and is now swimming in space, determined by the controllers of the tokens, i.e. those who will represent the Four Kingdoms.
And when the New Age is sealed, the new universe that will emerge will be determined by the prevailing force: Either eternal Light. Or eternal Darkness.
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