Free online browser-based massively multiplayer online RPG. Free online browser-based massively multiplayer online RPG.
Note: The King of Spades project is no longer being developed. At this stage, the Intellectual Property has been moved to InEvoWare Inc, and the technology will be implemented in a new game: XViREnt (Experiences in Virtual Reality Entertainment), a VR MMORPG Platform. We thank everyone who has supported us all those years! Don't forget to map your old characters to XViREnt so that your premium stuff can move over (limited time offer).

The King of Spades: Persistant Browser-Based Game (PBBG). Mold a powerful character that will influence the destiny of the universe.

The King of Spades: Online Browser Based Massively Multiplayer Persistent RPG

The King of Spades: Online Browser Based Massively Multiplayer Persistent RPG

The King of Spades is a free multiplayer browser-based online Role Playing Game (RPG) based on an alternate version of modern Earth (and other realms like Atlantis, Lemuria, Heaven & Earth).

Players pit themselves against other superheroes (or supervillains) in a battle to either bathe the world in peace & light, or have the universe plummet into endless darkness & chaos. Choose your side.

Online Browser-Based Game

A browser based game is a game that doesn't require a client installation, or an expensive graphics card, nor does it require a monthly fee. You can play on any browser, even on your iPhone or PDA's browser! This game merges the unique imaginative experience of classic MUD's (Multi User Dimensions) and classic adventure games like "Zork", with modern browser-based games like Mafia Wars.

Massively Multiplayer Game

A massively multiplayer game is a game that can support hundreds, even thousands of players playing simultaneously in the game world. There are graphical MMO's and text-based or browser-based MMO, The King of Spades is a browser-based MMO. In The King of Spades, there are hundreds of game and player-run cities that players congregate in and take part in events, missions and quests. There is no shortage of opportunities to meet in-game friends, partners, arch-enemies, even lovers and role-played families.

Persistent Game

The game is online and persistent, which means that any progress you make is immediately saved by the game, and even after logging off, or accessing the game from another machine, you can continue exactly where you left off! Some players in The King of Spades have been playing for years, building intricate relationships, setting up massive team bases, even building their own quests for friends & family!

Role Playing Game

Not only do we run events for players that allows them to experience new worlds and activities, but also, The King of Spades prides itself in having a large community of dedicated role-players who enjoy the unique art of improvised story-telling. Check the forums to see what role-playing activities are going on, and contact other players to join or start a new player-run role-playing event.



XViREnt and Kickstarter campaign [Mar 21st, 14]
The XViREnt Kickstarter campaign has now launched! Check it out and make sure you share and/or pledge!

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